From the Practitioners

 What the Energy Healers Say About Maggie and Moe 

Mindie Adamos, Reiki Master and Teacher:

"Anyone who wears the design or has it hanging in their home or printed on a mug can expect healing on the mind, body, and spiritual levels, as well as a deeper sense of love, light, and grace, and a deeper connection with their soul self and their soul family."

Sharri Gaines, Reiki Practitioner:

"Knowing the designs have been infused with amplified life force and traditional Reiki symbols, you can expect to experience enhanced positive states of being, whether on the physical, emotional, mental or more subtle spiritual level."

Judith Andrews, Reiki Master:

"Reiki clears and releases blockages in the chakras, meridians, and cellular memory of the client so they can experience peace, harmony and balance in their lives. The designs can help with balancing and aligning the energy of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies."