A Q&A with Reiki Practitioner Sharri Gaines

Sharri Gaines in her office at the Dancing Moon

We met Sharri after inquiring around our area for practitioner referrals, and were immediately impressed by her warmth and willingness to explore the possibilities of infusing designs with energy. After several phone conversations, we visited her office at the Dancing Moon Bookstore in Raleigh, NC for a reiki and reflexology session and some conversation. In addition to the fabulous reiki session we received, she also gave us some intuitive guidance that came in while she was working on us, including some fascinating information about a past life we'd had on a farm in France and some messages from our guides! We adored meeting Sharri and are so excited to have her as a Maggie and Moe energy healer. Here's our interview with her.

Outside the Dancing Moon Bookstore in Raleigh, NC

How did you get started with energy work?
I was introduced to Reiki energy practice in 1985 by a close friend who shared my interest in natural healing techniques. He sponsored a First Degree Reiki training and I was invited to attend.
Where did you train?
My First Degree initiation and training was in Raleigh, NC under the guidance of Reiki Master Reverend David G. Jarrell, founder of the Reiki Plus system of natural healing. Rev. Jarrell's life was dedicated exclusively to teaching and transmitting Reiki, and he was a Master in the direct lineage from Dr. Mikao Usui, considered the founder of what we know as classic Reiki energy healing. My Second Degree was also in Raleigh, NC under the guidance of Rev. Lani Smith, Ph.D., also of the Usui Reiki lineage teachings. Additionally I have trained in Quantum Touch healing, Healing in the Heart of Stillness, Reiki Tummo Levels I and II, and am a certified Yoga Teacher and Reflexologist.

Buddha statute outside the Dancing Moon Bookstore
What is your favorite thing about doing energy work/reiki?
First and foremost, there is tremendous satisfaction in facilitating health, healing and transformation for others. I feel that as each of us, individually, commit to our own healing and wholeness, we collectively can create a healthy and whole humanity and world. Also, as I act as a transmitter or "channel" for this energy, I receive the healing benefits as well.

In your own words, what is reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese word that literally means 'Universal' (Rei) 'Lifeforce' (ki or chi as some know it). As I understand it, and was taught, Reiki is a specific vibration of Universal Life Force energy which animates all forms of life on the Earth and throughout the Cosmos. It is "neutral" until activated into service by one who has been attuned to this vibration. It is transmitted through the hands to the person or situation receiving the energy. The co-creative intention and focus of the clear channel and the receiver combine to create the flow of Reiki that will be utilized where it is most needed.

Butterflies on the wall of Sharri Gaines' studio

How are you infusing the Maggie and Moe designs with reiki? What exactly do you do?
After entering a state of deep meditative stillness, I hold the printed designs between my hands and open to the energy flow. When I feel the slowing down and completion of the flow, I then draw specific symbols given to all Usui Reiki initiates over the designs to infuse their energy into the pattern. The symbols work on the physical, mental, emotional and soul/spirit levels of our being.

What benefits can people expect to see from wearing a shirt or drinking from a cup with the design on it?
Knowing the designs have been infused with amplified life force and traditional Reiki symbols, you can expect to experience enhanced positive states of being, whether on the physical, emotional, mental or more subtle spiritual level.

Reiki healer Sharri Gaines' wall of certifications

What stories do you have about some of your clients and the benefits they have seen from working with you? 

I have many stories that range from physical improvement/healing to emotional release and restored balance to intuitive guidance received in session that may help with life direction and/or decisions. A personal and powerful one occurred during my very first Reiki training. A day before my first level, I had participated in a charity fundraising walk, which left me with very sore and badly sunburned legs (it was quite warm that day). After my attunements, my Reiki Master noticed the sunburn and advised I go home and apply self-Reiki to the legs. Still new to all this, and perhaps a little skeptical, I followed his guidance. Lo and behold, 30 minutes after the treatment, I happened to walk past my full-length mirror and my legs were completely free of any sunburn. No soreness, no redness. I was beyond amazed. I was a believer and was humbled and grateful to have been led to this path.

If people want to work with you one on one, what services do you provide?
For local clients, I offer Reiki sessions alone, or most often in combination with Integrative Foot Reflexology. I have found that the Reflexology acts to open the body's energy meridians (pathways), preparing it to more deeply receive the Reiki Life force energy. Over the years in practice, my intuitive 6th sense faculties have been evolving and this often results in 'messages' or information given during a session. The receptivity of my client and the commitment to personal growth and self-responsibility greatly enhance this aspect of my work. For long-distance clients, I offer Intuitive Guidance session over the phone, and I have done distance Reiki sessions as well.

To learn more about Sharri, or to book a distance reiki healing or intuitive guidance session with her, visit her website at: http://www.sharrigaines.com/.