A Q&A with Reiki Master and Psychic Medium Mindie Adamos

Psychic medium and reiki master Mindie Adamos and her family

Mindie Adamos brings an eclectic and unique combination of abilities to the Maggie and Moe energy infusion process. Psychic from the age of three (!), Mindie did her best to ignore her gifts for most of her childhood and young adulthood, working in corporate America and staying far away from all things metaphysical. That changed suddenly when her future father-in-law introduced her to a psychic he was working with, and the psychic told her it was time for her to stop running away from what she was meant to be doing. Now, Mindie works professionally as a psychic medium, reiki healer, and shaman with clients all over the world.

Here's our interview with Mindie.

Usui Reiki level one and two textbooks

How did you get started with energy work?

I have had my unique gifts and abilities since I was three years old and have been working as a professional Psychic Medium and Healer since 2010. I have been a Reiki Master Teacher for several years. When my Dad passed away in September 2016, that's when my whole world shifted and the miracles of energy healing really opened up for me.

Where did you train?

I was trained by a Reiki Master Teacher in Iowa for Reiki. My overall energy healing and shaman healing trainings are all teachings from spirit and from personal experiences in Hawaii with shaman energy healers.

Mindie Adamos with psychic readings sign

What is your favorite thing about doing energy work/reiki?

The miracles that come from just one healing session.

In your own words, what is reiki?

Source energy channeled into the physical world for purposes of love, healing, and miracles.

Mindie Adamos' tools of the trade

How are you infusing the Maggie and Moe designs with reiki? What exactly do you do?

I did a sacred healing ceremony...this ceremony was absolutely incredible! We started with reiki healing music, calling in all ancestors of love and light, which includes all reiki masters, teachers and practitioners. Palo santo, and other sacred smudging tools cleansed the designs, and a white candle for purity, grace, simplicity, new world energy, gentleness, healing, love and light swept over the designs gently. We (spirit and I) then blessed them with divine messages from each design independently to them working in union. Mother Earth & Father Sky, along with reiki symbols, were blessed into each of them, and their love and light was sealed to heal not only those wearing, purchasing, and gifting the designs, but anyone who sees the design. Divine connection grids will allow all who experience this design to come together for perfect co-creation of energy healing.

What benefits can people expect to see from wearing a shirt or drinking from a cup with the design on it?

Immense healing on the mind, body, and spiritual levels. A deeper sense of love, light, and grace. A deeper connection with their soul self and their soul family. Goosebumps overcoming them when they take a moment or two to be still and breathe.

How long will the energy last?

Eternally, as the energy healing you receive is healed in this lifetime, past lifetimes and future incarnations. Once you feel the light, it can never fade or go away.


Mindie Adamos Mystic Journeys sign

Do you have any crazy or interesting stories about connecting with spirits, angels, or the other side?

Oh wow do I! As a professional psychic medium and shaman, this is my everyday life. One of my most hilarious would have to be this: When I just started as a professional psychic, I did a free reading for a client and I kept talking about her grandpa by name, and that he's telling me that he visits her as a "crazy squirrel" in her yard. She then tells me that her grandpa actually had a pet squirrel that used to sit on his shoulders! That's just one that's fun, but one of most interesting abilities that I have is that I'm able to speak to the soul, and because of that, I can hold full conversations with those living with issues that cause them to have difficulty communicating, such as individuals with Alzheimers, dementia, non-verbal autism, pets, missing persons, and more. It's quite amazing and crazy to be honest, because I cannot explain why me, in this lifetime.

If people want to work with you one on one for distance sessions, what services do you provide?

I provide healings, readings, teachings, mentoring and more! 

To learn more about Mindie, or to book a reading or healing with her, visit her website at MindieAdamos.com. You can also follow her on Instagram at @mindieadamos.