How Psychic Deganit Nuur Left Dental School Behind to Become a Professional Clairvoyant

Deganit Nuur on swing

I discovered Deganit after reading an article about her in Goop and then going down a rabbit hole on her website. I was intrigued by the stylish, modern way she framed being an intuitive, and found myself signing up for her weekly intuition development class, By the end of the first week, I'd gotten a message from the other side and learned a foolproof technique for clearing my energy field. I also learned the magic "golden suns" method, which I use all the time. Read on to find out all the fabulous things there are to know about Deganit! (Don't miss her list of favorites at the bottom of the post!)

How did you get started on the holistic path? Have you always been psychic and interested in esoteric healing modalities? 

While I have always been interested in all things esoteric, I had not considered it a career path. I was well on my way to becoming a dentist and I was meditating as a hobby and lifestyle. One meditation modality led to the next until I stumbled across a course that helped hone one’s intuition. I took the course and immediately started offering friends psychic readings because it was so fun! Friends referred other friends who referred more friends and before I knew it I had a thriving clairvoyant practice! It was entirely unexpected and total divine orchestration! When I finally surrendered to the path, I withdrew my dental school applications and applied to acupuncture school instead! I now teach the very tools that helped me hone my gifts! 

You're an acupuncturist, and essential oil practitioner, an intuitive coach, a psychic, and a channel. How do you answer the question, "What do you do?" at parties? How do you see the interplay between all your skill sets working out, and do you have a favorite modality?

Ha! I say I’m a healer or a witch doctor. All the healing modalities reinforce one another and thereby increase the efficacy of each one. Think, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. I LOVE essential oils so much and feel I receive a healing every time I apply them to clients! Still, the psychic gifts are my favorite! Every reading is just as surprising for me as it is for the recipient. They’re always an adventure full of discovery and pearls of wisdom! 

What do your parents think about what you do? Do you have siblings, and are they psychic as well?

I have two younger brothers and a very supportive mom. They don’t entirely understand it, but that never stops them from offering me career advice! We are all so different but the love and support is super strong and unifying. I know they’re all super psychic but they’d roll their eyes every time I say that. 


How did you come to found Nuurvana? How long have you been in existence, and what has been the most surprising thing about the experience?

I created the Nuurvana Method while still in acupuncture school in 2008. It’s everything I’ve been looking for in a healing modality but couldn’t find, so I created it! It started off with readings + acupuncture + mantras + meditations + herbs but I’ve layered other modalities onto it with time( reiki, sound bowl therapy, medicinal grade essential oils, crystal therapy, supplements, shamanism). In 2010 I opened up the Nuurvana Healing Center, where o provided said services and had an administrative assistant. In 2012, I expanded the Center and our scope of practice- I had a team of 8 wonderful healers offering a variety of spiritual healing modalities from numerology to crianiosacral therapy. I loved the center! But eventually, I burnt out and missed teaching as much as I used to. I completed that contract in 2017 and have been offering the Nuurvana Method of Healing as a Residence Healer at The Four Seasons Hotels and teaching globally ever since! Closing the Center was definitely the greatest surprise! My earliest daydream about that center is when I was 5 years old! It was my everything and I’ll forever be indebted to it. It was one of my greatest teachers! Traveling the world empowering folks is pretty awesome, though, so I’m not too sad about it. 

What fun stories do you have about communicating with those who have passed over? I know you mentioned during class that Prince sometimes comes to your seances! Any other fun famous people stopping by? What do they have to say?

The FUNNEST story I have is when a client asked to bring in her grandmother. This woman was fierce and brassy! She had so much to say-“, including demanding her granddaughter buy more lingerie! Preferably in red, worn with matching red lipstick. We both had a great laugh at that! After the session, the client told me her mom had to clean out grandma’s house and she was disturbed to find her expansive lingerie collection!

Tell us about some of the experiences of your students. How do they change over the course of the class? 

The most universal feedback I receive is that people feel more confident. The psychic tools I teach are applicable to all relationships, experiences, and expressions of life. They’re life skills that offer peace and confidence. Tim is the other Nuurvana Clairvoyant and he started as a NU IT student! I have a couple other students that have graduated to offering psychic services. Some students couple their gifts with other healing modalities (reiki, hypnosis, coaching) that they were already practicing and some swear it’s helped them in their marriages and other relationships. 

What do you wish everyone understood about the way the universe works? How can metaphysical skills be harnessed to make the world a better place?

Interdependence! We’re all connected to one another. Each of our actions has a ripple effect that touches people we’ll never know or meet. All opportunities we’re gifted are thanks to so many people we’ll likely never meet! Simply think about the food you eat- how many hands did that have to pass through before getting delivered to you or being prepared for you? From the farmers to the distributors to the local markets to cooks to the waiters to you. And each of those exchanges includes multiple people! Think about how many organisms fertilized that soil for you, how much sunlight went into growing your produce, all the water and how the water got there, etc. It takes so many lives, human or otherwise, to contribute to each meal we ingest! And that’s just a tiny example of how undeniably interdependent we are- even when living in the vacuum chambers of the modern western world. Tapping into the metaphysical taps us into the invisible energetic agreements and ties that bond us all! It offers us a deeper layer of consciousness and understanding of how the world works in a way that is really humbling and unifying. I’d highly encourage everyone to research the health benefits of meditation and how it’s linked to empathy! There are studies that measure the Maharishi Effect, which is where crime rates drop in areas where large groups gather and meditate regularly! It’s incredible!

What are you excited about in 2019? What's next for you?

EVERYTHING! 2018 has been a messy, chaotic emotional rollercoaster! Personally, I’ve had a great year, and still it’s been such an unsettling abd ungrounded one! I feel like this year was the destruction that proceeds creation! I’m teaching tons more next year, which I’m always thrilled about! I’m reorganizing NU IT and hoping to offer even more online programs, making healing accessible for all! Nuurvana’s greater vision is one of global peace! I’m on a mission to help as many people actualiza inner peace, knowing it’ll create world peace! I have a program where I teach kids how to meditate and I’m going to invest far more energy into that in 2019! Let’s heal the world together! 

If you could say one thing to a skeptic to make them believe in what you do, what would it be?

The proof is in the pudding. You don’t have to believe it to try it. Most skeptics fight me the entire session and discount every word I say. Surely enough, I’ll receive emails full of words of affirmation from them weeks later! I love it! 

Favorite Crystal: rutilated quartz
Favorite Essential Oil: ylang ylang 
Favorite Quote: Today: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - Lao Tzu 
Favorite Non-Profit/Charity: The IRC (International Rescue Committee) and the ACLU
Favorite Metaphysical or Spiritual Book: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay 
Favorite Instagram Account: @Pakalupapitocamel 
Favorite Podcast: That’s So Retrograde & The Lifestylist (Luke Storey)


PS. We are very proud to count Deganit as a Maggie and Moe mug owner. How cute is she drinking her tea out of the Louise mug

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